Meet the FSC® lesser-known timber species

These species, often known as LKTS, are the untapped potential of the timber world - environmentally, socially, and economically.

Did you know though that there are more than 50,000 species of timber around the world? Yet, commercially we only use a small portion of these...

The most popular species in the World are disappearing as we speak. At the same time lesser-known timber species are under-utilized. We need to commercialize new species from FSC-certified forests. This will improve livelihoods and protect biodiversity for generations to come. What's more, a diversified purchasing strategy makes business sense: as a relatively untapped resource, LKTS often cost less than their popular cousins.

We build this database to allow you to browse the potential of this unfulfilled timber source and enable you to make new choices to ensure that we will have Forests For All Forever.

Pier at Lemvig habour
Lemvig, Denmark
WWF Headquarters (NL)
Zeist, Netherlands
De Villa
Apeldoorn, Netherlands
Flex-Living (Phase 1) - 54 apartments
Groningen, Netherlands
Front Desk at Municapality of Waalwijk
Waalwijk, Netherlands